Project Management Specialist

Also called: Implementations Management Specialist, Planning Development Specialist, Project Administrator, Project Communications Officer, Project Controller

Project Management Specialist


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Project management specialists analyze and coordinate the schedule, timeline, procurement, staffing, and budget of a product or service on a per-project basis. Lead and guide the work of technical staff. May serve as a point of contact for the client or customer.

  • Assign duties or responsibilities to project personnel.
  • Communicate with key stakeholders to determine project requirements and objectives.
  • Confer with project personnel to identify and resolve problems.
  • Create project status presentations for delivery to customers or project personnel.
  • Develop or update project plans including information such as objectives, technologies, schedules, funding, and staffing.
  • Identify project needs such as resources, staff, or finances by reviewing project objectives and schedules.
  • Identify, review, or select vendors or consultants to meet project needs.
  • Monitor costs incurred by project staff to identify budget issues.
  • Monitor project milestones and deliverables.
  • Monitor the performance of project team members to provide performance feedback.
  • Negotiate with project stakeholders or suppliers to obtain resources or materials.
  • Plan, schedule, or coordinate project activities to meet deadlines.
  • Prepare and submit budget estimates, progress reports, or cost tracking reports.
  • Produce and distribute project documents.
  • Propose, review, or approve modifications to project plans.
  • Recruit or hire project personnel.
  • Report project status, such as budget, resources, technical issues, or customer satisfaction, to managers.
  • Request and review project updates to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Schedule or facilitate project meetings.
  • Submit project deliverables to clients, ensuring adherence to quality standards.
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Detailed Work Activities
  • Assign duties or work schedules to employees.
  • Discuss business strategies, practices, or policies with managers.
  • Collaborate with others to resolve information technology issues.
  • Prepare scientific or technical reports or presentations.
  • Develop detailed project plans.
  • Select resources needed to accomplish tasks.
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You might use software like this on the job:

Video creation and editing software
  • YouTube Hot Technology
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • Screencastify
  • Loom
  • Flipgrid
Graphics or photo imaging software
  • Microsoft Visio Hot Technology
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Photoshop Hot Technology
  • JamBoard
Project management software
  • Microsoft SharePoint Hot Technology
  • Microsoft Project Hot Technology
  • Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Hot Technology
  • Confluence Hot Technology
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Google Classroom
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